About Me

Born and raised in Texas near the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex area, ever since I can remember I've loved to read and write. After graduating from college, I taught middle school and high school as I continued to hone my writing skills.

An overnight success (after fifteen years of hard work), in 2009 nine of my books hit the market within eighteen months of each other.

Two of these were the“Adventures in Mathopolis” books where humor and cartoons combine with an intriguing story line to guide elementary readers on a lively mathematical adventure. The others were for Visions, Inc. These books provided teachers with quick and easy ways to integrate technology into the classroom.

An experienced educator in both mathematics and technology integration, I have presented at conferences for math, science, social studies, and language arts and was a featured speaker at the 2010 Texas Computer Education Association Conference. In 2006, I was awarded the "Adult and Community Education Outstanding Instructor" for Texas.

An active SCBWI member since 1995, I am the former regional adviser for the North Central/Northeast Texas chapter and have held a number positions within that organization. To hone my writing skills I’ve attended several Highlights Foundation Writers’ Workshop, including their “Nonfiction: It’s More Than Just the Facts” workshop, the “Fantasy Writer’s” workshop, and the "Fantasy Writer's Reunion". Additionally, I’ve attended the national SCBWI conferences in California and New York and countless local writers’ conferences and workshops.

I enjoy doing school visits, presenting to teachers and fellow writers, conducting staff development seminars, tutoring students, and being a life-long learner (which is inevitable when working with technology).

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